The Clarins Multi-Intensive range



The Clarins Multi-Intensive range
The Clarins Multi-Intensive range

Effectively fight against the signs of aging with the Multi-Intensive range from Clarins

It is in fact, over time, all faces and all skin types age. However, each of them reacts in its own way and the effects of time can thus be more or less visible. Many brands specializing in cosmetology have therefore focused on the study of the aging of skin cells in order to combat this phenomenon more effectively. Clarins has thus put the longevity of its expertise at the service of this cause. In particular, this made it possible to develop the Multi-Intensive range, an assortment allowing to redensify, lift and permanently illuminate the skin.

Redensification of the epidermis by Clarins

The Multi-Intensive range offers several intensive redensifying treatments that meet the high demands of skin weakened by hormonal changes linked to age. Most of the products in this collection are thus enriched with an organic harungana extract, a Madagascan tree known for its healing properties. Dermatological tests have proven that the use of this ingredient helps to smooth the complexion day after day. The main purpose of the Multi-Intensive range is thus to reduce deep wrinkles and fight against sagging.

What is more, the composition of all of these products, whether it is the Day Cream, the High Requirement Serum, the Awakening Lotion or the Evening Cream , stimulates cell renewal. Likewise, they increase collagen production overnight, when mature skin is most receptive to restorative power. Thus, the skin appears fresher, radiant with vitality and youth. The complexion is hydrated and your face will quickly regain its smooth and bouncy appearance.

The many active ingredients contained in the Multi-Intensive range

In addition to its many active ingredients, the Multi-Intensive range contains Himalayan jasmine, a plant known for its numerous dermatological benefits. In this case, its active molecules soothe weakened skin. This is associated with Pueraria Lobata, an ingredient to slow the loss of radiance and reduce brown spots. Tamarind seeds, on the other hand, optimize cell regeneration. Shea butter struggles to preserve the skin’s hydrolipidic film in depth, helping to maintain its rebound at its maximum level of effectiveness.

What is more, it allows at the same time to soothe and soften the epidermis. In addition, this effect is further increased by the presence of olive oil, an excellent reconstructor of energy stocks. Finally, tomato extract is also added to the Multi-Intensive range. This is a natural antioxidant, allowing to increase cell renewal. All of these products thus provide lasting results and each of them is more or less dosed according to the care of the range, all responding to a very specific skin problem and corresponding to a specific time of day.