The Clarins multi-hydrating range



The Clarins multi-hydrating range
The Clarins multi-hydrating range

Clarins Multi-Moisturizers, a cocktail of radiance of life

The history of Clarins began on March 15, 1954 when Jacques Courtin Clarins opened his institute, rue Tronchet in Paris. He then acquired a pioneering vision. He declared that aesthetics, well-being and health would become one. From then on, he set out to develop ever more daring and innovative solutions to enhance the natural beauty of the body. By dint of time and perseverance, the brand never stopped perfecting its already existing formulas. Today, Clarins is committed to the beauty of your skin in the long term by creating its range of Multi-Moisturizers, products designed to preserve the radiance of your youth forever.

The benefits of Clarins Multi-Moisturizers

Multi-Moisturizers contain a large number of ingredients capable of combating the loss of hydration. They are enriched with Katafray bark extracts. This element acts at the level of the horny layer of the skin as well as in the depths of the epidermis. It helps to strengthen the barrier function of the skin and greatly promotes the production of natural hydration factors. Likewise, to maintain the skin’s water reserves in depth, Clarins Multi-Moisturizers contain hyaluronic acid. This provides effective support for the epidermis and helps fight against the appearance of wrinkles. In other words, it is an effective and natural alternative to Botox. In fact, this element is naturally present in our body. Nonetheless, it disintegrates over time. At the age of 50, we only have on average 50% of our hyaluronic acid capital. This is why Clarins offers us this wide range of treatments to replenish our reserves. Thus, the youth of your skin gets a second wind and therefore seems able to remain eternal.

Clarins’ thirst-quenching cream, a real favorite

Also, among the entire range of Clarins Multi-Moisturizers, the thirst-quenching creamis undoubtedly one of the bestsellers. This has a fine, melting texture that instantly provides softness and radiance to the epidermis. It is intended more particularly for consumers with normal to dry skin. It also contains Katafray bark extract and hyaluronic acid, ingredients that considerably promote optimal skin hydration. Likewise, the thirst-quenching cream immediately leaves behind a feeling of intense freshness. This is linked to the presence of extracts of rowan buds. Finally, know that this cream could be your best daily ally to face the urban environment. Indeed, it is equipped with an anti-pollution filter capable of preserving the radiance of your skin and fighting daily against skin dullness. Never has your skin looked so healthy. Its microcirculation is now continuously stimulated, which will give you a healthy glow from early morning until evening.