The Biotherm Pure Roll On Deodorant, to stay fresh in all circumstances!



The Biotherm Pure Roll On Deodorant, to stay fresh in all circumstances!
The Biotherm Pure Roll On Deodorant, to stay fresh in all circumstances!

Stay fresh all day long with Biotherm Pure Roll On Deodorant

Our hectic life sometimes does not give us a moment’s respite. In this context, it is not always easy to stay fresh throughout the day. What is more, the hereditary factor also comes into account in the phenomenon of sweating. Likewise, the temperatures outside can have a significant impact on your perspiration. Despite everything, to fight against the nasty smells, the big cosmetology brands have made considerable progress. Biotherm is not left out and offers you to fight against excess sweating for 48 hours. Focus on the Deo Pure Roll On.

All about the mechanism of perspiration

Sweating is a totally natural phenomenon that affects absolutely everyone. Moreover, it is not only observed in men, but affects all mammals as well as plants. The purpose of sweating is to regulate our body temperature, and is produced by small structures in our skin: the sweat glands. If these are present throughout our body, they are more concentrated in certain places such as in the armpits. These glands produce a liquid made up of water and mineral salts. In itself, it is a completely odorless fluid. But then, why do we say that we smell sweat? In reality, it is an excess of language. It is not the perspiration as such that has a bad smell, but rather all the bacteria present on the surface of our body which proliferate when the environment is hot and humid. Therefore, the more you sweat and the hotter you get, the stronger the smell. The deodorant is therefore used both to regulate sweating but also and above all to destroy the bacteria present on your skin surface to limit foul odors.

Biotherm Pure Roll On Deodorant, effective for 48 hours

The Deo Pure Roll On Biotherm is an antiperspirant to the fluid texture. It is very popular for its applicator in the shape of a very large ball. Thus, it covers a large area and deposits an immediate freshness. It releases a light film of the powder on the skin without any sticky effect or any trace after drying. The Deodorant Pure Roll On is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Indeed, it is non-aggressive and gives off an instant sensation of softness. Its effectiveness has been proven by dermatological tests for 48 hours. For this, it is advisable to apply the Deo Pure Roll On of Biothermand immediately after your toilet, on clean, dry skin. Then we recommend that you let it dry for a few moments before getting dressed. Be aware, however, that if you want to make small fresh touch-ups during the day, its compact size will allow you to take it absolutely everywhere with you. Biotherm Pure Roll On Deodorant is the essential ally to face all the hardships of everyday life!