The 4 Colors Pen integrates the make-up department



The 4 Colors Pen integrates the Clarins make-up department
The 4 Colors Pen integrates the Clarins make-up department

If you were at school in the 90s, then you must have already had a 4 Colors Pen in your school kit . A true emblem of this era and adored by a whole generation, it is currently making a comeback. In addition, it returns where we do not expect it: in the makeup department! Clarins thus seems to break with the classic codes of make-up and brings together in one and the same product four colors of pencils suitable for beautifying the mouth as well as that of the eyes.

The multiple uses of the new 4 Colors Pen

The Clarins 4 Colors Pen does seem to have more than one trick up its sleeve. In addition, it displays perfect ergonomics. Compact, it fits easily in a handbag and can thus be taken everywhere with you, allowing make-up touch-ups throughout the day. What is more, its various leads are thin enough to allow the realization of meticulous lines. Three dark colors are then intended more particularly for the eye. Black, brown and blue are used in particular to draw the outline of the eyes. Still, brown can also be used to sculpt eyebrows or draw pretty freckles. Finally, a fourth color joins the game. It is a nude tone allowing to draw the outline of the lips and matching wonderfully with a tone-on-tone gold lipstick for a 100% natural look. If we are to believe the studies carried out by Clarins, 100% of the women questioned find this concept innovative and 80.9% of them believe that it is easy to use. Finally, 84% of customers who tested it confided that this pencil effectively prevents their lipstick from spinning.

The nutritious ingredients added to the Clarins Pen

In addition, it should be noted that Clarins has added nutritious treatments to each of its mines to take care of your beauty over the long term. Thus, the 4 Colors Pen contains jojoba oil, sunflower oil and acacia oil. Jojoba is an ingredient known to be a natural sebum regulator. Thus, it is an ideal product for sensitive and acne-prone skin. What’s more, it’s both moisturizing and softening. Likewise, sunflower oil nourishes the skin for a long time. This contains vitamin E and omega 6 whose properties are well established. Finally, acacia is a tightening and lifting cosmetic product. This therefore has firming properties and has a lasting effect on the eye area in particular. Otherwise,