Terracotta Touch, the new Guerlain loose powder



Terracotta Touch, the new Guerlain loose powder
Terracotta Touch, the new Guerlain loose powder

Enhance your beauty with lightness, thanks to Guerlain’s Terracotta Touch Loose Powder

The Guerlain house benefits from exceptional longevity and has already had ample opportunity to prove its expertise in the field of beauty, whether through its perfumes, make-up products or cosmetics. Nevertheless, if its catalog is immense today, certain articles of Guerlain stand out and appear as true bestsellers, whose notoriety goes well beyond the borders of the Hexagon. Among the stars of Guerlain, Terracotta occupies a special place. Building on its success, the sun powder is reinventing itself in a new formula. Focus on Terracotta Touch Loose Powder.

Terracotta, a world famous powder inspired by the desert

Terracotta appeared in the 80s and literally revolutionized the world of makeup. Indeed, at that time, women used to cover themselves with a very opaque layer of foundation, causing an unnatural result in the process. Terracotta, directly inspired by the ocher earth of the Moroccan desert, radically transformed trends. She promised then a tan worthy of three weeks vacation, in just three seconds. With such ambitions, it took only a short time to be talked about. Now Terracotta is one of the best-selling products in the world. Women love it and count on it more than ever to look good all year round.

Terracotta Touch Loose Powder, a nomadic and light formula

This time, the Terracotta is transformed and incorporates a nomadic case that slips easily into any handbag. Thus, the Terracotta Touch Loose Powder allows you to make small makeup touch-ups during the day, and thus stay fresh in all circumstances. Its applicator delivers the right amount of product. Available in three different colors, Terracotta Touch Loose Powder adapts to all skin tones. All in lightness, it brings a subtle correction to your skin and mattifies your face for the whole day. Thanks to it, the skin becomes ideally velvety. Small flaws are concealed and the face is sunny.

Guerlain’s little extras that make all the difference …

Benefiting from all of Guerlain’s experience, Terracotta Touch Loose Powder also takes care of your skin continuously. Its formula is enriched with jojoba oil, a natural agent widely used in cosmetics. Thanks to its composition, Terracotta Touch Loose Powder protects you from tightness and makes your skin more supple. Finally, to make your imagination travel, this loose powder is also enriched with an exotic fragrance. Notes of ylang-ylang and orange blossom run through its top notes, before evolving into a solar heart of vanilla and tonka bean. Finally, for more purity, the Terracotta Touch Loose Powder lets a breath of white musk float behind it.