Sisley’s Phyto Sourcils Perfect, the essential for making up your eyebrows!



Sisley's Phyto Sourcils Perfect, the essential for making up your eyebrows!
Sisley‘s Phyto Sourcils Perfect, the essential for making up your eyebrows!

Phyto Sourcils Perfect by Sisley, the essential pencil for drawing your eyebrows

The Sisley Houseis famous for its fragrances often inspired by Andalusia. After all, this is where the founder of the brand spent most of her childhood. Therefore, Sisley’s fragrances give us the image of a sensual and charismatic woman, such as we like to imagine in the Mediterranean basin. However, it must be recognized that Andalusian women are as captivating by their temperament as by their beguiling gaze. It is therefore natural that the house of Sisley decided to turn to makeup and sublimate our eyebrows. The Phyto Sourcils Perfect is the essential little pencil to take care of and enhance them. Thanks to it, your makeup will allow you to structure your entire face and amplify your bewitching side.

Why do we have to wear eyebrow makeup?

The eyebrows are a particularly important area of ​​the face. Indeed, they allow to emphasize the look and are a very strong area of ​​expression. For years, women have sought to cover them up. Big mistake! It would be like trying to hide part of your personality. Better to assume them, take care of them and draw them correctly. For this, it is advisable to epilate them. Then the Phyto Sourcils Perfect eyebrow pencilde Sisley will simply cover up their little irregularities. Indeed, women with light hair often have too thin eyebrows. Brunettes, on the other hand, may have some small hair irregularities or simply want to hide some defects related to hair removal. This is precisely where the Phyto Sourcils Perfect comes in.

Sisley’s Phyto Sourcils Perfect, a high-precision pencil

Sisley’s Phyto Sourcils Perfect is a particularly precise make-up tool, with a firm face but soft at the same time. In other words, it allows you to make up the eyebrow without ever irritating the skin and while achieving a precise line. Her outfit is exemplary and her color lasts throughout the day. Its use allows you to structure the face and enhance the intensity of your gaze. In addition, know that the Phyto Sourcils Perfect does not only apply makeup to you. It also takes care of your eyebrows and makes them thicker day after day. It enriches them thanks to its formula enriched with provitamin B5, acacia waxes and Carnauba. Thus, it also respects the epidermis and offers you a naturally more dazzling beauty. Its tip glides imperceptibly over the skin and deposits one of its four shades. Finally, the other side of the Phyto Sourcils Perfect contains a small comb. This tool achieves a flawless finish and is simply used to blend and even out the product. Also note that the Phyto Sourcils Perfect is supplied with a small pencil sharpener in its reservoir. For a successful result, we recommend that you opt for a color that is as close as possible to that of your hair.