Sisley’s new Intensive Serum



Sisley's new Intensive Serum
Sisley‘s new Intensive Serum

Sisley Intensive Serum, the ideal treatment to overcome your imperfections

The skin is a complex organ that plays a major role in protecting the body. It has a real barrier function with regard to the environment that surrounds us, undergoing significant physical trauma over the days. Also, to keep its integrity and functionality intact, it is essential to take care of it . To do this, Sisley has developed an Intensive Serum. This takes care of your body and makes it possible in particular to fight against the appearance of skin imperfections, real indicators of poor regulation of your dermal system.

The Intensive Serum and its formidable action

Sisley Intensive Serum is made from tropical resins. It acts effectively against the appearance of imperfections thanks to its highly concentrated care formula.

In this case, it is made up of many purifying active ingredients and acts at the very moment of its application as well as over time. It instantly purifies the skin and reduces its shine areas. In this case, dermatological tests have shown that Sisley Intensive Serumhad the ability to regulate excess sebum production. Thus, the pores of your skin will no longer be clogged and it will gain in radiance. Your skin then seems to be deeply unclogged and its grain is refined day after day. As a result, the number of imperfections present on the surface of your body is considerably reduced. In fact, the Intensive Serum helps to find the natural balance of your epidermis. Its results become particularly convincing in just seven days. This product is of course used on clean skin, ideally morning and evening. However, its booster effect also allows it to be an excellent backup and rescue product to use in the event of an unsightly pimple.

It thus acts instantly to make the skin healthier and dry out the imperfection in question.

The natural products contained in Sisley’s Serum

The Intensive Serum with tropical resins appears to be a concentrate of natural products. Sisley seems to have gone to the heart of nature to find the most effective active ingredients in skin care.

In addition, the Intensive Serum contains frankincense extract and myrrh extract. Both help to soothe the epidermis and hydrate it. Benzoin and burdock, on the other hand, have the role of purifying and rebalancing it. In addition, meadowsweet and Java tea are used here to regulate excess sebum. At the same time, for a more in-depth cleansing and in order to eliminate dead skin and daily clogging of the surface of the skin, the Intensive Serum contains salicylic acid. This cleanses and exfoliates the epidermis. Finally, D-Panthenol completes this formula as if to soothe and rehydrate the skin.

Obviously, like each of the Sisley products, the Intensive Serum has been dermatologically tested and poses no inflammatory or comedogenic risk resulting from a possible excess of sebum under the skin.